The Dotty Postal Strike

I’ll batter SCABS round the head with my placard if they try to write a post for my blog. DON’T DO IT.


I’m on strike.


These are my demands –

More pay (I’ve just bought a nice little Munch piece and it set me back a bit) 

Better working conditions for when I write my posts which means I need someone to come and clean my house

More fag breaks

More coffee breaks

A longer Cumberland sausage dinner hour

A BIG BONUS if I get more than 20 Likes on a post

A FUCKING WHOPPING BONUS if I get more than 20 Comments on a post



I’ve been trying to remember the SCAB CHANT.

I think it goes like this —





(repeat many times)



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  1. Placard! hahaha you don’t see that word much anymore. You will beat someone around the head with a placard, of course you will.

    Nice job on the Scream, it was totally worth $120 million

  2. If I click on the award I go straight to my blog… That is awesome. Thank you. Have sausage… and a brick.

  3. Dear Dotty,
    The one time I was on strike when I worked for the telephone company we just pelted scabs with rocks and yelled SCAB at the top of our lungs.

    ~sigh~ the good ole days of walking around in circles chanting stupid things like:
    What do we want?
    A CONTRACT!!!!
    When do we want it?

    How boring…

    -the howler and me

  4. Dorothy

     /  May 3, 2012

    Dear Dotty,
    I’ve been on strike for the past ten years and see where it’s gotten me? I work for no pay…cooking, cleaning, caring for the demented and hoarders and miscellaneous others and all I get is crazier and crazier and became an alcoholic and addict and developed IBS. Now I think I’ll go stalk my neighbor or at least look into his window. Vodka anyone?
    Love Dorothy

    • Dear Dorothy,

      No, no vodka for me, thank you. I only like absinthe (non-alcoholic because it’s made from Wormwood that I grow in my garden).

      Love Dotty xxx

  5. free penny press

     /  May 3, 2012

    Strikes are fun.. then you can hold out for some really cool things (of which you have some listed).. i say we could have a WP strike.. demand all sort of cool stuff for our blogs :-)

    • Dear fpp,

      Yes, like chocolate – every time we publish a post, a chocolate pops out. :-)

      Love Dotty xxx

      • KC

         /  May 8, 2012

        I only want -one- thing from WP…and I want it so badly I want to kick someone in the junk till it stops working if they don’t give it to me…I want some sort of chat function…I’m comp. illiterate enough not to know -how- that’d work…but I want it damnitall!! So they should give it me! Also…SCAB! Ummm…I think. Oh, no, nevermind, it’s just a little paper cut…

      • Dear KC,

        Oh no, I don’t want a chat thing. I have PEOPLE PHOBIA and that includes chatty boxes that pop up whenever I go online. No no no. No.

        Love Dotty xxx

  6. Dear Dotty,

    That’s the perfect chant, Dotty, dear! I will happily march with you if you need me — we can do 12 on 12 off, since I’m from another part of the world. But that wouldn’t work, because I wouldn’t have time to visit with you. We’ll figure something out!



  7. Don’t strike. How would you feel if the Cumberland Sausage factory went on strike?

  8. I wonder if there was ever a massive strike held at a Bowling Alley. Passersby would be quite confused to hear people standing “outside” yelling “Strike” – since that usually goes on inside.

    Also, I think you’ve hit on a name for a new breakfast cereal…scabadabbadoos. It’s catchy (just as are scabies) I think it will sell big, especially if for every two boxes purchased you get a free pack of Cumberland Sausages!

  9. Comment #19, next one’s a big one

  10. Doing my part to support the cause. 19 comments!

  11. Comment 19

  12. Comment 20

    Glad to help you get your bonus!

  13. Dear Dotty,
    #%@&*&@#^*!@!!!&*$*(Y$ :)
    xo, K

    • Dear Krista,

      Yes, I know. I had two but I ate one.

      Love Dotty xxx

      • i was referring to your art purchase, I know a great place where you can get a two-fer.

      • Dear Krista,

        So was I. :-)

        Love Dotty xxx

      • KC

         /  May 8, 2012

        So not fair to do that to me when I’m on the wrong side of 73-ish hours sleep-dep. Between you and Kathy I’m going to be stuck giggling for a week…and oh-golly-gosh, people might just look at me funny! EEEP! Oh, right…n’mind then. Almost forgot that’s the norm around here.

      • Dear KC,

        Do what to you?

        Love Dotty xxx

  14. kzackuslheureux

     /  May 5, 2012

    Dear Dotty, Nice to know the Scream is in proper hands.
    Love Alphabet


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