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I love to blink. Blinking is fun. I blink, therefore I am.

Mother Nature gave us eyelids with little hairs poking out so we can blink to our heart’s content. I would like to share with my fellow blinkers some quotes and cultural information that I have gathered about that most pleasurable of actions. They are so strikingly true and revealing that as you read you will feel the greatest desire to blink. Do not suppress that desire. As Confucius said, “Be not ashamed of blinks and thus make them crimes.”


More Confucius

When we see men of worth, we should think of equalling them; when we see men of a contrary character, we should turn inwards and blink.

Blinking without thought is labour lost; thought without blinking is perilous.

Forget injuries, never forget to blink.

The people may be made to follow a path of blinking, but they may not be made to understand it.

Blinking is more to man than either water or fire. I have seen men die from treading on water and fire, but I have never seen a man die from blinking.

The superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his blinking.

The cautious seldom blink.

Is blinking a thing remote? I wish to blink, and lo! Blinking is at hand.



In all things of blinking there is something of the marvellous.

To be conscious that we are blinking or thinking is to be conscious of our own existence.

It is possible to fail in many ways, while to blink is possible only in one way.


Sigmund Freud

America is a blink, a giant blink.



And now these three remain; faith, hope and blinking. But the greatest of these is blinking.

Corinthians 13:13


“You of little blinks,” he said, “why do you doubt?”

Matthew 14:31

Books – Fiction

The Unbearable Lightness Of Blinking – Milan Blinkera

Lord Of The Blinks – J.R.R. Blinkien

Blinkamorphosis & Other Stories – Franz Blinka

Around The World In Eighty Blinks – Jules Blink

War And Blinks – Leo Blinkoy

Veronika Decides To Blink – Paulo Blinkelho

The Blinks of Wrath – John Blinkbeck

Wuthering Blinks – Emily Blinke


Books – Non Fiction

How To Make Blinks And Influence People – Dale Carblinkie

The Origin Of Blinking – Charles Blinkwin

The Voyage Of The Blink – Charles Blinkwin

How To Be A Blinkestic Goddess – Nigella Blinkon



Blink Hawk Down

It’s A Wonderful Blink

The Godblinker, Parts I, II and III


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Blink

The Silence of the Blinks

O, Blinker, Where Art Thou

To Kill A Mockingblink

The Blinkblank Redemption


Each and every one of us is guilty of taking blinking for granted. Breathing is a revered necessity and blinking has always fallen behind, in its shadow. But if we could not blink our eyes would shrivel up and fall out and then where would we be? Blinking is not a boring, inane function as many would have you believe; blinking must be acknowledged as a prime requirement of the human body. As we have seen, Confucius recognised the superiority of blinking, so I shall leave the last word to him…

“He who will not blink will have two agoneyes.”


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  1. I loved this post! Its hilarious and so true! I am totally converted and am joining the blinking nation! ;D

  2. Thank you, ramablink.

  3. You are on the blink of something profound here. Don’t blink, or you might miss it.

  4. Oh, and the Apache Indians would tie a man down in the sun and then cut off his eyelids… so he couldn’t blink… Of course they tended to do this to people they didn’t like…. Not just everybody they met… That would just be rude.


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