Ode To Prozac


Fluoxetine, Fluoxetine,

I cherish thee, olde friende of mine.

Methinks thou hast a magick art

that banished demones from my heart.


Thy brought to my dimme worlde a shine,

uplift’d me from deepe decline,

my sicken’d soule ail’d greatlye till

I founde thee, little happye pill.


Oh, dearest friende, Fluoxetine,

thou sav’d me, and now I art thine…

I owe thee honour and respecte,

e’ermore shalt I stay in thine debte.

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  1. Hey, I did… (or tried to do) a post in oldey sounding Englishy Shakespearey type word writing… it was called Shakespeare’s Repast, I believe…verily.

  2. Dear Dotty,
    I think the Fluoxetine has made my Pretty Little Demons angry! ANGRY! LIKE HULK. This is why I nearly took myself to the mental house on Tuesday or was it Monday? I don’t remember now.
    Love xoxoxxx

  3. Dear Dotty

    Your paean to Prozac reminded me of Humphrey Osmond’s ditty:

    To soar aloft or fall angelic,
    Take a pinch of psychedelic.

    I’m off out now – to trip the light fantastico – to the shops.

    Wavey Dave xx

  1. ode to effexor « sacha1nch1

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