Dotty on Housework


I only have one word to say about housework.

That word is –




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  1. Alan

     /  January 24, 2012

    Dear Dotty, who invented housework, was it Eve?

    • Dear Alan,
      No, it was goddyjesus because Adam kept leaving a mess everywhere. One day goddyjesus tripped over one of Adam’s ribs and said ‘Bollocks to this, Adam, if thou can’t pick up after thineself I’ll make a better being who isn’t such a fucking slob. And its name shalt be WOman because woe is what thou deserve for me twisting my fucking ankle on thine rib, thou messy twat.’
      Love Dotty xxx

  2. I am starting to notice that you never say anything about yourself. Well ,except for the silly bits that do not really tell us anything about you. I feel like I know about your imagination, but nothing about you. I can only presume you are doing this on purpose.


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