Rapid Cycling


I’ve spent all day rapid cycling round the Wii Sports Island. Except I don’t have a Wii exercise bike because they cost £100 so I just stomp on the Wii Fit board thingy and hold onto the control like it’s a set of handlebars. I don’t like going into the town because I keep crashing into the walls and one of these days I’m going to go head first over the handlebars and knock my eye out on the corner of the coffee table. I don’t like those scabby little animals either – Wii should make it possible for me to move my legs to the side so I can give the mangy rats a swift kick when they’re annoying me.

I kept going till the batteries went dead.




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  1. Dotty, it’s a good thing my little coffee tea cup (it’s too small to be a mug) is already empty this time. Why do you make me laugh at the thought of your eyes oozing all over a poor, little coffee table?

    I really hope those waves settle down a bit though. I’ve been the same, only I didn’t gauge my eyes out–I cracked my arm in two. And I have no Wii (or Cumberland Sausage, hehe such phallic things) and my bro took the Playstation3 when he moved out last month.


    • Dear PAZ,
      Hiya!! You’ve broken your arm? Jeez. I tell you what though, you could use the cast to wallop your brother with until he gives you the Playstation 3 back. Brothers are not in my good books right now. They’re NOTHING BUT BETRAYERS.
      Phallic? Cumberland sausages? Never.
      Love Dotty xxx

      • Dotty,

        That’s a good idea. Problem is, I’d probably break the other part of my arm if I smacked him around even a little, so I even though I did consider it, I kept myself from doing ut when he stopped by today. It’s the first time I’ve seen or heard from him in two weeks so, I figured I’d be easy on him.

        But yes! BETRAYERS they are, uuufff bagghhggaaaga, I’m more than a bit disillusioned at times, past it really. Ok, I’m going to shut up before I go on an endless rant. BUT, I will say this, as far as the Playstation, he’d bought not one but TWO, and supposedly one was for me (this was a few years ago after he’d decided one was too many for himself) and he chimes in one day out of the blue and takes it from me to give to his now ex-girlfriend. Can’t help to love ’em and want to strangle them at the same time.


      • Dear PAZ,
        Girlfriends will always take priority over sisters, that’s a fact carved in the walls of caves. Brothers aren’t just BETRAYERS they are STUPID and BLINKERED. For your own peace of mind though you need some sort of REVENGE even if it’s just spitting in his coffee, it’ll make you feel MUCH BETTER.
        Love Dotty xxx

  2. Nice. 🙂 Thank you for sharing! …following your blog…

  3. Dotty, I’m sorry about the situation with your brother. I didn’t know until just now. I just got done reading. I guess I had a lot of “Dotty Shite” to catch up on…

    Hope things can be amended.

    Ok I’ll really shut up now. It’s night in this part of the world. So goodnight.
    hugs xo

  4. I love the Wii. I can do the yoga tree position now.


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