A Short Note About A Note From JUDAS


I couldn’t avoid it any longer. The note I’ve been hiding in my pocket is from JUDAS and his SISTER. It’s in an envelope but it wasn’t properly posted, (couldn’t they spare the price of a stamp?) It was handed to me two days ago by my Shopping Person who was waylaid on their way up my garden path.

This is what it says —


Answer the door please. We only want to talk to you. We will not put you away like you think we want to. Lottie is going out of her mind with worry and so am I. stop being stubbern and answer the door next time we come. My face is healling up but my finger is still bad. I am off work with it so I will be here for a few weeks at Lotties. I will keep coming every day till you answer the door. Open you’re curtains. I know you are in there.
Scotty + Lottie


Okay, this solves something that’s been bothering me – the misspellings that kept happening in my posts when Judas was staying here. It must have been HIM doing it, his MISSPELLING INFLUENCES must have possessed me while he was in the house. He’s never been very good at spelling but he could have turned his poor ability to his advantage and learned to do a DISCOMFITING MIND TRICK at THE HUMANITARIAN ACADEMY OF MASTER MERCENARIES AND CRACK ASSASSINS as part of his Targeted Killing training while he was on his apprenticeship, (there you go, Interpol, some juicy info for you). I wouldn’t put it past him.

I’m just going to ignore the twat (and his sister), the same as I’ve been doing every day when he knocks on the window and the back door. And I am SO GLAD I haven’t got a front door any more or he’d be banging on that too.

I’m going to talk to little Emily now, she’s stuck on part of her book, she doesn’t know if Cathy should be blonde, brunette or ginger. I think ginger, it would suit her temper.



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  1. Hi, Dotty, Shame on Judascotty for using his misspelling mind-ray on his own sister — he should have someone like him on his tail to take care of him, so he’ll leave you the hell alone and stop beating on the windows. Stay strong, my sister!

    • Dear Judith,
      Thank you. I think he did something to my grammar as well. And he couldn’t even put Dear Dotty, he just put Dotty – I think he’s forgotten the good manners that were taught to him by our parents. Persephone said she’ll try to get her husband, Hades, to SMITE Judas so fingers crossed he won’t be bothering me for much longer.
      Love Dotty xxx

      • One can always hope! I’m still sorry he did this to you — the last thing we who are already unsettled need is for our most trusted friend to bag out on us. Next time he comes over, open the window long enough to throw a brick at him for me, okay?

      • Dear Judith,
        Yes, I’ll do that but I won’t waste a brick, I’ll throw my telly at him.
        Love Dotty xxx

      • That is a much better idea — save your bricks so you don’t have to go outside and root around in your garden!

      • Dear Judith,
        And the telly is heavier. It’ll be like throwing TEN bricks at him all at the same time, enough to squash his head down into his neck if I aim right.
        Love Dotty xxx

  2. No gingers. Do not open them up the the prejudices of a cruel world.


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