The posts about tags

Sorry, Judith and anyone else who commented. I haven’t removed the posts, I’ve marked them as private. I’m going to email WordPress tomorrow to see why they did that.

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  1. Absolutely no worries, Dotty! You don’t ever have to apologize for anything to me, because I won’t be apologizing to you, (well, maybe, but only if I am a real bitch!)

  2. what happened? What did I miss?

  3. Oh.. I missed it? I have a very distinct feeling censorship was at play, yes?

    I respect that you made the posts private but I have a feeling I will not be happy why. Not on your part but most probably it will ne on WP’s part.

    Like Isaid girlfriend, You keep right on rocking this free world.

    • Dear Barefoot Baroness,
      No, it wasn’t censorship, not in the way you’d assume. It was all to do with the TOPICS and my Tags and me being the Featured Blog on tags that hardly anyone uses. As soon as I posted my post they were all changed and sneaky WP pulled my post from all the categories.

      But not to worry, I fought The Daddy and I’ve almost won. They’ve given me almost all of them back. And some of the posts they put up in their place have disappeared.

      Love Dotty xxx

  4. Touche!
    You just keep being Real.~


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