Dotty Psychotty – Payback Begins



So he lied to me. AGAIN. He promissed to abide by the RULES and he broke them almost immediatelly by doing his MISSPELLING MIND-TRICKS on me.


But i’m not going to let it get to me like last time. I’ going to play the lying wanker at his own game.

I was up all last night tryeing to think of what to do. One word wouldn’t stop pounding through my head, WHY? Why is he doing it to me? What does he have to gain from making me misspell myy words? All sorts of things came to me but they were all far-ffetched and ridiculos and I had to do a bit of trepanning to stop myself from thinking for a while so the paranoia wouldn’t take over and I wouldn’t have another series of panicc attackks.



And whn I’d calmed down enough to start thinking clearly again I realised what he’s REALLY doing. He’s using me as a conduit to send coded messages thrrough my blog. He’s CONTROLLING MY SPELLING – an extra S here, a missing O there, an extra D somewhere else – and who knows what secret message he’s spelling out to someone somewhere and that person IS READING MY LITTLE BLOG.

Is it YOU?

So what I’ve done is I’ve put MY OWN MISSPELLINGS inside this post to out-fox the fuckers and I’ve done MY OWN CODED MESSAGE too. So, READER, who ever you are, how do you like that then? And you, SCOTTY, YOU JUDAS FUCKWIT, HAVEN’T YOU LEARNT YET THAT YOU CAN’T GET THE BETTER OF ME?

No one does in the end. And this is far from the end, it’s just beginning. 




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  1. Persephone Jones

     /  February 28, 2012

    Dear Dotty,
    I hope you are as well as can be expected?
    We’ve mated Cerebus and I was wondering if you’d like a puppy from the expected litter? They make exceptionally good guard dogs and you won’t have to worry about psycho’s and stuff like that.
    Ms Px

    ps feeling rather confused of late. o dear…I may be forced to consult Sister Agony.

    • Dear Persephone,
      Yes, I’m very well thank you, now I know what my ex-brother is up to. I’m in two minds about a puppy, I’d like one but I wouldn’t be able to take it out for walks and I think it’s cruel to keep a dog cooped up all day. What should I do? I want one but I can’t have one.
      Love Dotty xxx
      P.S. I wouldn’t bother consulting Sister Agony if I were you. She’s a complete headcase, I don’t how she got into my blog in the first place. I don’t talk to her, all she does whenever I see her is throw holy water on me and tells me how wicked I am. I might set up MY OWN advice column and show her who’s boss round here. ME.

      • Persephone Jones

         /  February 28, 2012

        Dear Dotty,
        Cerebus is not much of a walker really, more of a guard dog so no worries there re puppy. His breed does eat quite a lot. Enough to make your head spin, quite frankly. I don’t know why.
        P x

      • Dear Persephone,
        I know a good priest who can stop your head spinning. He got rid of the nasty evil spirit I’d inhaled when I bought some dodgy French cigs. You must inhale a lot of nasty evil spirits where you live.
        Love Dotty xxx

  2. Maybe you are just a bad speller because you are typing in an English accent…


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