I Can’t Be Bothered To Think Of A Title



what day is it i cant be arsed thinking to work it out it doesnt matter anyway all the days are the same hours and hours and hours of nothing except when little emily comes to see me

beyond boredom lies dont give a whistling shit about anything because giving a whistling shit involves too much effort and any effort is too much effort

capital letters are too much effort

punctuation is too much effort

typing with more than two index fingers is too much effort

touching the space bar is too much effort but im forcing myself

putting the colour i like onto the words is too much effort

doing bold shouty letters is too much effort

moving is too much effort

i need a sleep



i dont care what scotty does any more he can do what he likes he can send messages however he likes he can put me away if he likes whats the point in fighting him he always wins



this laptop is making a strange noise

and its very very hot

i cant be bothered to turn it off

if my blog is gone when you next try to get into it you know what happened

it blew up







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  1. I know the feeling!

  2. Sounds like you need a motivator as well a spin doctor…

    Chin up! Shoulders back! Fingers on the keyboard! Turn that frown upside down and give me something for the press. 😀

  3. Dear Dotty Beware

    Laptop warning after Keighley house fire

    8:40am Tuesday 28th February 2012 in Keighley

    Fire chiefs have issued a safety warning following two house fires caused by the misuse of laptops.

    The incidents happened in Keighley and Pontefract, and in both cases the fires were caused after a laptop was left running on a bed.

    In Keighley, firefighters were alerted to a blaze at a home in Ripley Street at 11.15am on Sunday, February 12. Two men escaped and were treated for smoke inhalation.

    The bedroom was destroyed by the fire and there was severe smoke damage to the first floor of the property.

    Fire investigator Gary Asquith said: “Both fires, in Keighley and Pontefract, were caused by people leaving laptops on bedding, which restricted airflow to the cooling fans.”

    Mr Asquith said problems could be avoided by keeping laptops on a hard, flat surface or special holder. They should also be shut down when not in use.

    • i don’t want my bed to be a hard flat surface or a special holder
      noddy holder is a special holder
      oh look, you motivated me to use capitals
      and a comma
      thank you
      love dotty xxx

  4. Dear Dotty ,
    I only have two index fingers do you have more?

  5. clownonfire

     /  March 1, 2012


  6. This is funny and completely nuts at the same time.


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