Dotty Is Slightly Miffed With The Boilerman





OY, BOILERMAN – see that writing in the picture? It’s for YOU, you LYING FIBBING SHIRKER.

Just you wait till morning – that’s if you ARRIVE in the morning and you don’t make up another excuse not to come. ILL? yes right, what with? DOUBLE PNEUMONIA? BERI-BERI? E-COLI? THE BUBONIC PLAGUE? ill my fucking granny’s gums, you are NOT ill if you’ve got anything wrong with you it’s MAN FLU, you woosy-arsed whiney fucking WIMP. If you want to see ILL you should have seen me today WAITING FOR YOU TO COME AND FIX MY BOILER but just you wait, tomorrow I’m not taking ANY of my FUCKING PROPANOLOL and tonight I’m not taking my FUCKING MIRTAZAPINE AND MY FUCKING NIGHT BETA-BLOCKERS AND I’M NOT TAKING ANY FUCKING PILLS AT ALL TONIGHT OR TOMORROW SO IN THE MORNING YOU WILL GET THE FULL EFFECTS OF ME NOT TAKING MY FUCKIGN PILLS AND THEN YOU WILL KNOW WHAT BEING ILL IS YOU LYING LITTLE BASTARD AND i WILL LOCK THE FUCKING DOOR SO YOU CAN’T GET OUT AND YOU’LL THNK YOU ARE LOCKED IN WITH A RAVING LOONY AND YES YOU WILL BE LOCKED IN WITH A RAVING LOONY AND THAT FUCKING LOONY WILL BE ME. 


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  1. Dear Dotty,

    I guess you told HIM! I wish I could be there. Maybe find a video camera and film it, and then play it in a post! I feel sorry for him, but it’s his own fault, so let him have it!!!



    • Dear Judith,
      no, he hasn’t been yet and I’m going to rip his fucking face off if he doesn’t turn up in the morning.
      Love dotty xxx

  2. Dear Dotty,

    Please take photographs… plenty.


  3. Dorothy

     /  March 15, 2012

    OOOHHHHHH……I fucking love it…..I want to be there and watch!!!! Give it to him for all the poor people he’s made wait for hours and days with broken boilers….GIVE IT TO HIM!!! I wish you could film it but then that would be evidence and you don’t want that. I really wish I could be there because he hasn’t seen what hell is like until he’s met me. But I’m sure you’ll let him see a piece of it!
    Thank you Dotty

  4. Dear Dotty,
    I’d say “miffed” is the understatement of the day.
    Yours in mirtazapine,

    • Dear Sara,
      Yes, I was a bit angry last night. We’ll see what happens today. It’s 7.43am and I’m ready and waiting.
      Love Dotty xxx

  5. clownonfire

     /  March 15, 2012

    Dear Mirtazapine,
    Please be kind to Dotty tonight and really knock her out.

  6. oh man, that boiler man is in trouble.


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