Dotty The Annoying Git Is Here Again…


… sorry! But I haven’t really been away, I’ve been doing my new pages and getting lost in YouTube (thank you, Missus Tribble and John the Aussie).

This is my new page, it’s up at the top of the blog – there’s a drop down list of the other pages when you hover over the writing.


Dotty’s Doo-Wop Collection


I’ll be adding more. It’s an acquired taste, a lot of people don’t like doo-wop – INFIDELS! – but if you listen to it, it’ll grow on you and you’ll LOVE IT.

The reason I was able to look for music was the gas board were QUIET when they were putting the pipes in – it was a bendy yellow pipe on a big reel, not the huge metal pipe I thought it would be – I thought they’d have to lift it with a big machine.

I’m sorry I haven’t visited anyone today either. I was so pleased I could listen to music – it’s probably because what I’ve been listening to is in mono on a harsh and tinny laptop, not a smooth stereo sound. It’s been ages since I’ve played any.

I won’t bother you again today – I’ve never posted four times in one day before so I hope you’ll let me off this time.

Oh, and I wasn’t gassed!


ha ha, gas board fuckers – you tried your best but you didn’t get ME!


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  1. Dearest Dotty –

    The self gassing machine photo is great. Reminds me of a nice post surgery morphine drip. “No, Nurse, I’m fine. Now float off to where you came from.”


    • Dear twtg,

      ha ha ha ha ha — I love that feeling. And the clicky thing on your finger – more, more, more. 🙂

      Love Dotty xxx

  2. I still need to know if that is Rowan Atkinson’s head on that baby?

  3. Dear Dotty,

    Hooray for Doo Wop music! I love it!




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