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I’ve made a new blog. This is why I haven’t even LOOKED at my emails to see how many post notifications have backed up, and why I haven’t visited anyone’s blog or done a post for today. I’ve been doing the new one.

I decided I need a new collection of blogs. A BIG one. So this new blog (if anyone goes there) is going to be mainly a blog catalogue where you can add your blog to two of the categories (if you’re British you can add it to the British one too, so you get three categories).

What got me thinking about it was the fact that WordPress have fucked about with the Topics and it’s hard to find new blogs now – I used to like browsing through the Topics but I can’t browse through the Reader in the same way, it’s shite to be honest, so I thought, right, if I can’t go to the blogs, I’ll try and get them to come to ME.

I’ll also be doing a Feature Post every now and again, called Dotty’s Choice – a post about a blog I love or like. No bribes (except HUGE MONETARY ONES will be considered).  But I won’t be posting there every day, this is my blog, and I won’t be commenting on the lists either when (if) the blog gets going, I don’t want it to be TOO time consuming.

It’s not quite finished yet, I’ve still to make a proper front page and piss around with a few other things, but the categories are  done and they’re ready and waiting for people to add their blog links to them.

So who wants to be the first follower?


Oops, it’d help if I did a link!!




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  1. I added my blog, I think…

    • Dear Chris,

      I’ll fix the link later. You were the first to post your link – but Lily was the first follower (you were second).:-)

      Love Dotty xxx

  2. Dear Dotty,
    What a good idea 🙂
    Love Sailor xox

  3. Your plan for world domination is working! Added my blogs 🙂

    • Dear Victor,

      Thank you. You’ll have to go back and add yourself too (follow, follow, follow) – I’m not scamming the follow figures yet. 😉

      Love Dotty xxx

  4. I think I followed and linked and did whatever I was supposed to do. Will go add the button to my page. I’m with you, I really miss Topics.

    • Dear Maggie,

      HA HA HA HA. 🙂

      You didn’t follow and you didn’t link. I’ll sort your link out, you sort the follow out. 😉

      Love Dotty xxx

      • I typed my link in! right? I have successfully linked to you on my page. I’m a dolt.

      • Dear Maggie,

        Don’t worry, I’ve only recently found out how to PUT links in comments and it doesn’t always work.

        Love Dotty xxx

  5. I went there. It will take me a while to figure out what to do. And I have to go out of town for a week, even though I will try to stay in touch this time.

  6. How do you come up with these ideas? I love it! You always amaze me 😀

  7. kzackuslheureux

     /  June 22, 2012

    Dear Dotty,
    i so agree, I miss the topics as they were, I don’t care much for the reader either. And I really like your buttons… the thorns or barbs from it, especially. I’ll try to steal your button onto mine as soon as I figure out how to embed stuff like that into my side column.
    Now I’m just stumped, where the heck do I fit in? I hate trying to label myself, I just never fit in anywhere. Why isn’t there a category titled “Kreta’s House of Mirrors?”
    Love, Alphabet

    • Dear Alphabet,

      Okay, I need to think about this, you’re the second person who doesn’t fit with the categories. What about Personal Thoughts? Would that fit?

      Love Dotty xxx

  8. What if I bribe you with a huge chunk of Monopoly money? xD

    • Dear Angel,

      No, it has to be real money, a GREAT BIG WEDGE of real money – I’ll have to do a post about where everyone can send their bribes and when I’ve got enough money to keep me in Cumberland sausages for the rest of my life, I’ll do THE FIRST FEATURE POST. 🙂

      Love Dotty xxx

  9. Dear Dotty,

    I believe that WP has a department, named “Let’s fuck everyone up.” They meet once a week, and set up two or three mindfucks for the coming week. Assholes!



  10. You’re so clever Dotty xx

  11. unfetteredbs

     /  June 23, 2012

    Reblogged this on UnfetteredBS and commented:
    Dotty Headbanger’s Awesome Idea

  12. Dearest Dotty,
    I attempted to do as instructed. I filed my blog under “General.” I attempted to install a button onto my sidebar, but only have a teeny placeholder to click on instead. So, I dedicated an entire page just to this. Does that work?

    With much regard,

  13. Dear Dotty,

    I like this idea muchy. I’m a Brit but I only picked two categories. Did I do bad?!

    Love and kisses, Wee Gee x

    • Dear WeeGee,

      You can always pick another at a later time if you want to. Brits get three (as long as one of them is the British category), the rest of the world only get two. 🙂

      Love Dotty xxx

  14. Fizzy

     /  June 24, 2012

    I LOVE this ! 🙂 Thanks Dotty !

  15. Dear Dotty,
    This is such a nice idea. Your best one ever.
    P.S. I love the Dotty’s Choice segment most.

  16. Dear Dotty,
    I’m impressed by the button; it looks nice. I’ve added it to my blog. 🙂
    Love xoxoxxx


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