Thank You – The New Blog Is On A Little Roll, Yee Ha!


A big thank you to those of you who’ve followed and posted your links on the new blog. So far the category with the most views is Humour/Satire, closely followed by British (YAY!) and Art/Photography.

This afternoon my internet fucked up for about an hour. I had a panic attack – what will I DO if I can’t get online? How will I survive? Talking about survival I almost died a little while ago – I swallowed a HAIR, I don’t know how the fuck I did it – well I do know, it got into my GLASS OF DIET COKE and I didn’t see it and then I swallowed it – and it WRAPPED AROUND MY TONSILS and nearly strangled them and while I was hacking and coughing trying to get it out I was also gipping and gagging because it was a fucking dirty HAIR in my throat. BLEEEUUUUAAARRGGH!


Anyway, who hasn’t been to the new blog yet?

Go and see it. Go on. You can add your link.



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  1. Dotty,
    Drinkers of the Diet Coke
    WithOUT hairs….UNITE!
    P.S. Dotty.if u start to chge appearance…that hairy drink could have been polyjuice potion that an intruder switched for DC.
    P.s.s. good thing I’m a witch and not a muggle. Call me if you need a spell*:))

  2. At least it wasn’t a pubic hair.

  3. And of course I just realized I ping-ponged right out of the park by posting a non-link. Hey, I just learned how to link when in a draft post, how do I do it in a comment? (I think I should pay you guys who keep helping me with this WP stuff…)

    • Dear paralaxvu,

      I fixed your links and did your editing for you (the ‘thnaks). Would you like me to bring you a cup of tea and a biscuit too?

      Love Dotty xxx

      P.S. This is how I do it — just above the comment box there’s a row of grey buttons with shite written on them. Go to the place you want to link to (ie your own blog) and copy the address from the address bar. Go back to the comment box, highlight the text you want to be your link, go to the Link button and paste the link into the bar, making sure to first delete the http thing that WordPress automatically put there. Then put the name of the link, click done, and that’s it. I didn’t know how to do it for AGES, it’s not that long since I found out.

      • Thanks again. I’m going to print this out and staple it to my toes. And yes, I’d love tea and crumpets..much better going into my mouth than my stapled toes!

      • Dear paralaxvu,

        You’re welcome. I don’t have any crumpets though, will a Cumberland sausage sandwich do?

        Love Dotty xxx

      • Oh, most definitely!

      • Dear paralaxvu,

        Good, because that’s all I’ve got. 🙂

        Love Dotty xxx

  4. I also forgot to say Thank you, Dotty. Thank you Dotty. Oh, and Cumberland brick sausages to ya!

  5. Hi Dotty, I can’t figure out how to put the button from the new blog onto mine- am I being a total computer spaz?

  6. Glad that little hair didn’t take you out! Who would make sure we all take our daily trip into your mental mind? 😀

  7. Did my follow work? I still can’t tell. I don’t deserve to be famous… sigh…

  8. A couple of folk have visited MM from your new blog, so the amount of hate mail I receive is bound to increase. Thanks you.

  9. GREAT idea~!

  10. Dorothy

     /  June 27, 2012

    Dear Dotty,
    There is something heinously creepy about a hair that wants to make nooses and attach itself to your tonsils just so it can have your uvula commit suicide while your drinking Diet Croke. Strange though that you have a propensity for your body hairs to try to maim you…there was the eyelash too….hmmmm. Is there a power struggle going on among the denizens of Dottyvillle? Perhaps an exorcism is in order??? Or a Cumberland sausageism??
    Love Dorothy

    • Dear Dorothy,

      I once tried to exorcise myself but it didn’t work. Maybe I shouldn’t have constructed the Cross from Cumberland sausages…?

      Love Dotty xxx


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