Watch Your Balls, Federer – Andy Is A Crack Shot


This is what he did to Tsonga today.

Sorry for all the posts, but I had to show you.

He belted the ball back at him, right into his bollocks.

A few seconds later and Tsonga was down.

Someone in the crowd shouted ‘New balls, please!’

And John  McEnroe wanted Hawkeye to judge where the ball had hit.

Good shot, Andy!

In revenge, Tsonga CHALLENGED Andy’s winning shot.

And I’m 100% certain that, during the match when Tsonga was dillying a bit over some balls (not his own), Andy called him a TWAT (my lip-reading skills are fantastic).



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  1. Okay, tennis just got cool.

  2. Dear Dotty,
    I love your choice of title. Very apt. I missed Andy mouthing that. I saw him mouth something to him when he got a sneaky shot past him. It looked like he said ‘sorry Tsong.’ That’s what I thought. I’ve never been good at lip reading. Do you think Federer looks like a mixture of Robin Williams and Jimmy Carr? We do here.
    Love Chris

  3. Nice shot, Andy, and kudos to Johnny Mac for wanting an official decision!

  4. Dorothy

     /  July 7, 2012

    No, I’ll watch cage fighting and tennis if I’m locked in a cage but only if I have no other choice. Last time I watched tennis my mum with ALzheimers watched with me and it was entertaining because she made it so. Give me rugby, hockey, football (soccer) and baseball or the hell with it all and leave the damn thing off!! Hooray for a black screen and no sound!!!!

  5. Dear Dotty…

    I’m confused. Help me understand… what’s a twat?


    • Dear tlsih,

      All male telly chefs are twats.

      All politicians are twats.

      Most men are twats.

      All twats are twats.


      Love Dotty xxx

      • Ah, cool… that clears things up. BTW, I’m glad you told me about most men being twats – now I know that, when I introduce myself and say “hello, I’m a twat” I’m not a liar. 😀

      • Dear tlsih,

        If you wear a hat you’re an even bigger twat. Twat in a hat. 🙂

        Love Dotty xxx

  6. You are way too excited about this.

  7. I wish there was more of that in tennis. Good old fashioned blood sports, that’s what we need.

  8. i differ in opinion on roger federer. he is the best tennis champion ever. the only one who can compare is bjorn borg. now that’s the men’s side. women, the champion of all time is martina navrotilova. tennis is the best sport ever. have been watching since they didn’t show the score on tv. i was young & just enjoyed watching virginia wade win. you have a great sense of humor & will probalby blast me for what i’ve said. i love your honesty & your blog. thanks for following mine. i do have a great thing to say about andy roddick. when he first hit the tennis scene, i watched him faithfully & found him to be one of the more entertaining players but sorry to say he lost something for me along the way. now it’s roger and novak that capture my attention. when they played yesterday in the semis, it was difficult but roger was the one i had to route the loudest for. even though i adore novak & his comedic antics. carry on. let me have. i’m strong enough to take it.

    • Dear secret keeper,

      Hello. 🙂

      Andy lost. 😦

      Love Dotty xxx

      • thank is so sweet. sorry andy didn’t win for you. he still can do it. he has the time. i rewatched the men’s finals today & listened to andy murray’s story. how sad about his home town. i remember when his school was attacked by that mad gun man. until today i did not know that andy m. was in the school when it happened. that was one of the reasons he wanted to win so that his town would have something positive to be remembered for rather then where the children were killed.

        thanks for your reply. i thought you might say:” off with her head” or something like that. i mean that in all humor.
        love, jenxoxo

        ps. i’m not sure if this will work but i am going to try and send you a penguin. <(")

      • Dear Jen,

        A penguin! I see it! I love penguins, thank you! 🙂

        Love Dotty xxx

      • a friend taught me to do penguins a few days again. it was such fun. i keep trying to spread them out all over the place. they do know how to make one smile. i am with you, i love penguins, too. 🙂 a few more for you. <(") <(") <(") <(") <(")
        there you are, hope they are behaving themselves. jen

      • Dear Jen,

        Thank you! I’ve thrown all my freezer food out so they have somewhere to live. 🙂

        Love Dotty xxx

      • oh, i love you sense of humor. it really makes me lol. something i need to do often, so my therapist says. miss new episodes of modern family. are the penguins behaving themselves? i do hope so. what are you doing with the food? are you having a party? you take care now. jen xox

      • Dear Jen,

        The penguins are TRYING to behave themselves, I can tell, but the little ones won’t stop being cheeky to my polar bear and I had to lock them in the freezer last night to stop him from eating them.

        I ate all the food.

        Love Dotty xxx

      • i love polar bears but they do get hungry. they tend to be more partial to seals 😦 but penguins probably look good also. as far as the freezer as long as they behave themselves which it sounds like they’re not, they may need you to bring in a penguin whisperer and maybe also a polar bear whisperer too so that they won’t tease or eat each other.

        i hope the food was delicious.

        love jen xoxox

      • Dear Jen,

        I’m training the penguins to stay away from the polar bear and I’m training the polar bear to think of the penguins as her babies. I don’t know how it’ll work out, but so far they’re all co-operating.

        The food was lovely. 🙂

        Love Dotty xxx

  9. Hi, accuracy and placement should always be applauded! If anything Tsonga has cemented his place in history as a fearless competitor! He looked death in the eye and made it quiver and cower to him,( as he held his balls and yelled expletives!), but still he was resilent! No man will ever know the years of determination it took to totally get hit in the balls and scream like a baby! Thank you for the follow I’m buying a codpiece as we speak! Keep writing!


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