Dotty Film Reviews


I’ve decided I’m going to review some films and this is the DOTTY FILM REVIEW page which will eventually have a lot of links to DOTTY FILM REVIEWS on it.

My DOTTY FILM REVIEWS won’t ever need SPOILER warnings because I’ll never give the end away, why would I want to ruin your evening? I wouldn’t want to ruin your evening so you can trust that I’ll never do it. What I WILL do is give you honest, objective reviews to enable you to make an informed choice when selecting a film to watch.  


The Day The Earth Stood Still

All the Twilight films

The Woman In Black

A Bronx Tale




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  1. You know, I like bricks. They don’t get mushy in the rain. I wish they came in purple though. Would brighten up my room.

    • Dear Ripley,

      Hello. 🙂

      You could paint your brick whatever colour you want. I sometimes use Apple Blossom White.

      Love Dotty xxx


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