Dotty Immortalised


Look at me, I’m a CARTOON! When I’m dead no one will forget me because I’ve been IMMORTALISED FOREVER by GRUMPY OLD GIT.

I like being a model. I once sat for PICASSO but he couldn’t paint hair properly and he made me look a right tramp. Grumpy Old Git has got my hair JUST RIGHT.

Go and see for yourself —



Inner Peace






Dotty Of The North

Flippin ‘eck

Get it right


If anyone else wants me to sit for them I’ll be happy to do so. I quite fancy being a huge metal sculpture like THE ANGEL OF THE NORTH except I don’t want to go rusty so I’d have to be done in SILVER or GOLD.

Hey, I might have a go at sculpting a bust of my own HEAD in Cumberland sausage fat in time for the TURNER PRIZE! How do I do it? Is it like making a plaster cast? Yep, I think it is – I’m off to do one now.


And here’s a picture of my doorway that Anette painted!!

Dotty’s Doorway

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