For those who want to know – this is a very tiny portion of my family history, the bare details. Over time they’ll be fleshed out with lots of details. I’d make a proper family tree but I don’t know how to do one on a blog and won’t do it for me even though I promised them I’ll stop stealing other people’s ancestors for my collection. Meanies.



Headbanger Family



Campbell Headbanger (my father)

father  – Angus McHeadbanger – (history – Scottish barbarian = pure Ginger Pict)

mother – Euphemia Agnes de la O’McDuff – (history – French Calvinists, Irish Potato Faminists, Ginger Picts)


Clotty (Clothilda) Headbanger (my mother)

father – Vorsprung Durch Technik CXIV – (unknown history to date – mysterious stranger who captured a Saxon princess, married her and had a family, then pissed off with a painted tart from Birmingham)

mother – Brunhilda Waschmaschine Bosch – (history – Saxon princess who married a twat)


Scotty (Scott) JUDAS Headbanger (my older brother)

children – Anneth, Brunhilda, Childebert, Dougal, Euphemia, Filbert, Gutthorn, Hildegarde, Imodium, Jellybean, KillBill, Lola, Mordecai, Nimrod, Ozzie, Quesadilla, Rumbert, Sporran, Trevor, Uturn, Vimflash, Wilhelm, Xbox, Yodelayheehee, Zorro, Angus, Bilbert, Candy,


Dotty (Dothilda) Headbanger (me)

dead husband – Simon Garottey / children – I’m not telling you their names or anything about them


Lottie (Lothilda) Ungood (my younger sister) 

husband – Wayne Ungood / children – Prissy (Priscilla) & Cissy (Cecilia) aka THE BERSERKERS


more to follow when I can be arsed…


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  1. Golly Gosh, Dotty – that’s more confusing than my family history. Good Luck!

  2. I’m guessing you have the same problems with elder brothers as I do

    • Dear Mondrak,

      Hello. 🙂

      Oh, I do hope not. I wouldn’t wish someone like my brother on anyone. 🙂

      Love Dotty xxx

      • LOL. I do like the fact that you will not give any details about your children.

      • Dear Mondrak,

        They’re a secret. Sssh, no one else comes in here so I don’t think they’ve spotted that I HAVE children. 🙂

        Love Dotty xxx

  3. YOU HAVE CHILDREN?????!!!! well that’s just lovely, dotty 🙂


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