Here’s a linky list of the rhymey, indulgent shitey poems I’ve posted.


The Stolen Shoes

Poemi Classicus

A Bad, Bad Poem

A Dotty Ode To Love

The God In The Corner

Terpsichore Dances

The Fucking Migraine Poem


The Far Place

Doomdotty In D Major

gloomy untitled shite

Life’s Illusion

Sisters Of Ice

Ode To Prozac

An Unpoetic Woman Unpoetically Scorned

I Saw A Face

Did I Or Didn’t I?

The Fucking Fiddly Folk Song (not a poem, but I don’t have a page for songs)

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  1. Love the Duckies Dear Dotty

  2. Dear Dotty,
    Thank you for stopping by and subscribing to my blog; it is an honour, because I understand you’re a big wheel around here – certainly a big enough wheel to have Le Clown as a fan.
    I am writing here, of all places, because bad poetry is perhaps my favouritest literary past-time, or possibly second to ruining words like ‘favourite’ with superlative juvenilia. I would like you to know that my follow was not simply blasé blogging courtesy; you are bloomin’ hilarious, and I am off to read more.


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