A Very Nice Video Post


This is Smokie, fronted by their original lead singer, Chris Norman, (who Dotty knows something about but she can’t tell you because it’s a secret), singing their most famous song. Watch it, it’s good, it’s a nice little love song.



This is Smokie, fronted by their replacement lead singer, Alan Barton (who Dotty knows something about but she can’t tell you because it’s a secret), singing THEIR version of their most famous song. I prefer this one.


Mental Music ——- Vitas – Opera # 2

This is Vitas, an award winning Russian singer/songwriter with one of the best high falsetto voices ever. He’s mega famous not only in Russia and Poland and a load of other countries but in China and all over Asia, (in China he’s called the Prince of Dolphins, or the Dolphin Boy). This is him performing his most famous hit, Opera #2 (which he wrote himself).


And this is the video – watch it, it’s good.
He has gills.
And I don’t know what he wants with all the little fishes.
He’s mental.
The video is mental.
The song is mental.


A Song From Nowhere Boy

This song is BRILLIANT, the best version of it I’ve ever heard. It’s from Nowhere Boy, a film about John Lennon’s boyhood, and it’s sung by the actor who plays Lennon, Aaron Johnson. The video is a clip from the film. I won’t say anything about why but if you watch the film (and you should), when this song comes on you’ll be all teary (maybe not the men – but I might be wrong, the men might blub harder than the women).


Carl Orff – And The Best Video I’ve Ever, Ever Seen


I’ve absolutely LOVED this for years and years and I’ve just found it on lovely YouTube. It’s from Musica Poetica, Schulwerk: Musik Fur Kinder.

And the video – SHEER GENIUS.




I’ve just found this version – it’s the one I like best so I’m posting both.


One More (Patrick Street – Irish Folk Band)

I can’t help it. I think I’m in a hypomusic phase – it’ll wear off soon.

I went to a Patrick Street concert years ago when they played here. Our concert hall is only little so it was brilliant – great view of the stage, aisle seat for me (so I could escape if I had to), lovely acoustics – it was FANTASTIC. The thing I remember most about it was hearing Music For A Found Harmonium for the first time and watching little JACKIE DALY sitting on the stage playing it on his accordion. I bought the cd after the concert – until last year when the ear thingy started I played this tune almost every day.






Dotty The Annoying Git Is Here Again…


… sorry! But I haven’t really been away, I’ve been doing my new pages and getting lost in YouTube (thank you, Missus Tribble and John the Aussie).

This is my new page, it’s up at the top of the blog – there’s a drop down list of the other pages when you hover over the writing.


Dotty’s Doo-Wop Collection


I’ll be adding more. It’s an acquired taste, a lot of people don’t like doo-wop – INFIDELS! – but if you listen to it, it’ll grow on you and you’ll LOVE IT.

The reason I was able to look for music was the gas board were QUIET when they were putting the pipes in – it was a bendy yellow pipe on a big reel, not the huge metal pipe I thought it would be – I thought they’d have to lift it with a big machine.

I’m sorry I haven’t visited anyone today either. I was so pleased I could listen to music – it’s probably because what I’ve been listening to is in mono on a harsh and tinny laptop, not a smooth stereo sound. It’s been ages since I’ve played any.

I won’t bother you again today – I’ve never posted four times in one day before so I hope you’ll let me off this time.

Oh, and I wasn’t gassed!


ha ha, gas board fuckers – you tried your best but you didn’t get ME!


Dotty Defies You Not To Be Cheered Up By Frankie


Don’t worry, I’m not going to post 50 videos a day, I’ll make some pages to put the videos on and then you don’t have to watch them – but you HAVE to watch this – I was elated to find original footage of this and a couple of other songs of theirs and I’m going to put them on my page. And Dion & the Belmonts, The Chantels, The Cleftones and loads and loads of others – ALL MY FAVOURITES!!

Absolutely brilliant.

My First Video In A Post!!!

This is one of my favourite songs.


Fingers crossed.

Help! Why Has The Like Button Suddenly Appeared On My Pages?


I’ve never had a Like button on my pages and no one else has either and I probably wouldn’t have noticed WordPress have added one if I hadn’t seen in my notifications that someone pressed Like on my title page which is called

**************** (and a few more)

A Like button on my pages is fine, it doesn’t bother me, EXCEPT on my title page – I disabled comments and shares on that page to keep it as a clean title page so does anyone know how to disable Likes on just the ONE page without disabling them altogether, please? I can’t find an option for it in the editing thingy.


I Said Oops Up Side Your Head, I Said Oops Up Side Your Head


I used to like this song (the one in the title) when I was young but I spent hours and hours and hours and hours trying to work out the meaning of the title. I still don’t know what it means and little Emily is just as puzzled as I am. It’s stupid. It’s a good song, but it’s stupid.


We’ve been going through some of my records.


Where’s Adam Ant? I loved Adam Ant with his stripey face and flamboyant movements of his arms. 





And little Jimmy Somerville. WHERE IS LITTLE JIMMY SOMERVILLE? Bronski Beat. Yeah.


And that group, what’s-their-name, who sang






Why can’t I remember their name?


I’ve always known it.

Kingston Town.


ALI CAMPBELL was the singer.

Oh for fuck’s sake.









Another Day, Another Daydream


When my ex-brother JUDAS came round yesterday afternoon for his dinner, as we agreed he would before he broke the RULES and lied to me again, I hid under my bed and pretended I wasn’t in. He knocked for ages and ages then the phone started ringing and wouldn’t shut up so I crawled out from under my bed and unplugged the phone at the wall socket, then he started ringing my mobile so I threw it at my Millais print of Ophelia that lives on the wall above the long bookcase little Emily likes to sit on. The glass smashed but the picture itself wasn’t torn. And my mobile was fine because it’s always fine no matter what I do to it – it’s an old mobile, about 6 years old now, and the make of it is NOKIA and the model is HARD BASTARD. It’s the BEST MOBILE PHONE IN THE WORLD. It’s just a phone, but what more do you need? Who uses all the other shite on these new-fangled phones anyway? My NOKIA HARD BASTARD has one game on it, SNAKE, and why would I need another one? Why do you need games on a phone in the first place, it’s a fucking PHONE not an amusement arcade. I’d had it about 2 years when I jammed it in the back door. I’d been gardening – I used to go out in the garden then – and I was sitting on the doorstep drinking a cup of coffee when I needed a wee so I stood up and tried to shut the door but it wouldn’t shut and I thought the door had seized up so I kept banging it but it stil wouldn’t shut so I looked down and there was my phone. I thought I’d killed it but no, it was still working, the only thing wrong with it was a big green mark in the top left-hand corner of the screen. But, and get this — over time MY NOKIA HARD BASTARD HEALED ITSELF. Yes, you heard right, over time the green mark slowly faded and faded and now it’s like NOTHING HAPPENED. There isn’t a mark on it. I wouldn’t part with my phone for any amount of the stupid expensive gadget touch-screen internet sat-nav smart-arse SHITEY PHONES THAT BREAK IN TWO SECONDS.

Anyhow, my phone was okay so I switched it off. Judas went away after a while and he didn’t come back but he left loads of messiges on the BT answer thingy and he sent loads of text messages as well. Why can’t he take the hint? He never could. I remember my dear dead Daddy used to get annoyed at him for not being able to take hints – ‘Your football boots haven’t been put away yet, have they, Scotty?’ – and Judas would go and have a look and come back and say – ‘No, Dad, they haven’t’ and dear dead Daddy would clout him round the ear.

I miss my dear dead Daddy. He’d know what to do about Judas and Lottie and everything that’s happening. He was smart and wise and intelligent. He was a scientist & an inventor, but his personal hobbies and interests lay within the arts, in particular opera, in particular opera from the Baroque period which was THE GOLDEN AGE OF MUSIC being that it was THE AGE OF THE CASTRATI. But he never in his life got to hear a castrato voice, which couldn’t be helped because NOBODY IN OUR TIME has heard a castrato voice. By all accounts they sang like angels, their voices a heavenly defiance to earthly laws, and my dear dead Daddy’s one wish had been to hear a castrato sing, to be part of his audience, one of the transfixed who wept in wonder at the beauty of the ethereal, disturbing sound.

And he COULD HAVE HAD THAT. My dear dead Daddy could have had HIS VERY OWN CASTRATO if he’d had Judas castrated at the age of seven. Why didn’t he? He could have done it and had him trained by the world’s best opera singer trainers, who I’m sure would have LOVED to have had a castrato to train in secret, hidden from the world until he was ready to be revealed, THE MUSICO, THE ONLY TRUE WONDER OF OUR AGE, his voice more lovely than the loveliest thing on earth, revered by all, envied by all, especially the PAPAL CHOIR who would sob with bitterness at how crap they sounded next to MY BROTHER, THE ONE AND TRUE VIRTUOSO. His name would have to be changed from Scotty to something just as beautiful as the names of the famous Baroque castrati, Farinelli, Marchesi, Bernacchi, Porporino, Vittori, Senesino, Caffarelli, Pistocchi, Marianni, Rauzzinni, Salimbeni, Carestini, Meloni, Nicolino — Scottynelli, Scottyrino, Scottyesi, Scottyoni. He would sing in the world’s greatest CATHEDRALS, he would have riches beyond riches and HE WOULD HAVE NO CHILDREN which would be a good thing seeing as he doesn’t give two shits about the ones he has now.

Why didn’t you do it, dear dead Daddy? Why? It’s too late now, even if I owned a knife sharpener.


I have to go, little Emily wants to talk to me. She has an idea. 


SOSS – Save Our Site Stats



WordPress are taking our site stats out of our Dashboards and putting them on the Home Page bit where Topics and Freshly Pressed are. They’ve done it already, if you click on the little W at the top left-hand corner of your black strip at the top of the page, you’ll see them at the bottom of the list. They’ll soon be gone from our Dashboards. I love my site stats being on my Dashboard, I don’t want Wordpress to take them away. 

Go and add your objections to the Comments on this page – http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2012/01/26/your-stats-have-a-new-home/



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