Very Sad Journal Of Very Sad Pygmy Were-Zompire


My friend, Kumblant Zozeech is the very sad pygmy were-zompire in the title. He’s writing a journal (personally, I don’t think it’s a journal but that’s what he likes to call it so hey-ho), and I’m posting it for him so the world has a record of what a very sad life he leads.

So here it is —


One Part

Two Part

Three Part


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  1. Dear Dotty,
    Oh my God. That is one scary pygmy-Kumblant-Zozeech-were-zompire. It looks liks Mr Bean had a lovechild with Britney Spears when she went mental and shaved her head.
    Love HS xox

    • Dear HS,

      I know. You should see him when he’s going on a karaoke night, he dresses up in the school uniform with plaits and everything. He was practising ‘My loneliness is killing me’ the other day.

      Love Dotty xxx

      • Dear Dotty,
        Good God, it must be true then. Mental Britney must be his mum. I wonder if Jemima is also related? She looks a bit like a crazy skin head doll.
        Love HS xox

      • Dear HS,

        I think she’s his uncle.

        Love Dotty xxx

  2. oh my lordy word how sweet is he?! i must find time to read his journal and maybe find some way to make him more un-sad


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